What Is Identity Cloaker?

What Is Identity Cloaker?

It is one of the most diverse and unique security applications available today, able to not only cloak your online activities but also unlock restricted websites that your Internet Provider, School, Office or even Government has decided you should not be able to read. It is perhaps the ultimate freedom tool available on the market today, for unlike other similar applications Identity Cloaker requires no installation, no administration rights and records no logs of your activities.

How Does It Work?

Identity Cloaker uses a network of servers located all in countries all around the world, when you connect through Identity Cloaker all the data sent from your computer is encrypted and send to one of these servers. From there the server transmits your data to its destination, and return information is sent back to the server and encrypted before being sent to you. There is no way anybody will be able to see your data or what sites you are visiting, even if they intercept your data all they will get is an encrypted mess.

We can demonstrate this easier with a diagram:

Diagram Showing How Identity Cloaker Works

Here you can see that all the data being sent from your computer is transmitted directly to the Identity Cloaker server and then on to its destination, while we are not of course able to stop hackers or Governments from intercepting your traffic if they do so all they will see are encrypted data streams. The encryption used in Identity Cloaker (Rijindael AES-256) is extremely powerful, it is in fact of the same strength permitted to be used my the US Army for the transmission of secret information, thus it is almost impossible that anybody (or any government) will be able to decrypt it.

The above situation equally applies if you are connected through a firewall or proxy server, in those situations the data sent to and from your computer will simply pass straight through the firewall/proxy server as it is sent in such a way as to make it look like normal permitted data. As before if somebody operating the firewall/proxy decides to ‘investigate’ your traffic all they will see is encrypted information, much the same as they would if they intercepted any secure connection to your bank or even email provider.

What About Free Proxy Servers?

Generally speaking free proxy servers, while on the surface being able to offer similar features, should be avoided. You will find numerous articles on this site, and others around the Internet, highlighting the extreme dangers of using a free proxy service where you have no idea who is running the service and what they are doing with your data. Remember it is highly unlikely they are running this service from the goodness of their hearts! You will be sending all of your most valuable online assets through their service, passwords, bank logins and personal contact details. Can you really trust this information to a complete stranger with no background?

The Identity Cloaker service has been in operation for several years now, their software has been certified Spyware, Adware and Virus free. The program is used and trusted by several thousand people every day of the year.

So What’s It Going To Cost?

Depending on your needs it may not cost you anything at all! There is a free Demo version available, that is unrestricted with regards to time or use but only gives access to selected sites. These sites are ones commonly used by people, such as Facebook and Twitter, and regularly banned by governments around the world.

If you want to access other sites which you don’t normally have access to, for instance YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Hulu or even Gambling sites then you will need to take out a subscription. These start from under $10 a month, and come with a 2 week money back guarantee.

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