Who is Ivan Petrov? You perhaps know him better as Joe Bloggs (UK), John Doe, John Smith, John Public (USA), Koos van der Merwe (South Africa), Chan Siu Ming (Hong Kong), Ivan Horvat (Croatia), Jan Novak (Czech Republic), Jens Hansen (Denmark), Fred Nurk (Australia), Jean Dupont (France), A.N.Other (Ireland), Otto Normalverbraucher (Germany), Si Polan (Indonesia), Mario Rossi (Italy), Nanashi No Gombe (Japan) or any one of a number of names around the world.

He is the person with

  • No Name
  • No Identity
  • No History

He is who YOU should be when online. Every action you make on the internet is logged, recorded and stored (possibly forever). Activities you do today could come back to haunt you in months, years even decades to come.

BUT there is no reason for this. You can surf the internet with complete anonymity, and on this site you will find out how to do that with a unique IP hiding software unlike any other on the market. You will completely hide your identity online, your web logs will not be recorded and your connection will be encrypted with 256bit US Military level encryption algorithms.

In short you will be safer online.