Surf Securely With Anonymous Proxy Software

The use of anonymous proxy software is these days a well known method of browsing the Internet with some apparent degree of security, however it is perhaps not the safest activity you could do. Indeed under certain circumstances it is more dangerous to use anonymous proxy software than to surf without it.

What must you do to ensure the proxy servers you use are suitable?

There are a few things you must consider:

  1. Does the proxy log your data and if they do what happens to those logs? Almost all proxies will log data, however a good proxy server will delete that data almost immediately. Any proxy run by people with criminal intent will not do this, in fact they will keep your data to work with for as long as they need.
  2. Is your data encrypted? Most data transmitted over the internet is sent unencrypted; as such anybody who intercepts it can read it and extract information.

It is a fact that many free proxies are either servers which have been hacked or systems deliberately setup by hacking teams just to log the data of people who use the, as such free proxies are often very unsecure.

One solution is to use TOR, being an open source project these connections are generally more secure than those listed as free on general websites. However TOR is hard to configure for many applications and the speed is often so slow as to make it unusable. You are certainly unlikely to be using it to listen to audio let alone watch videos through!

A much better option is to use a premium proxy service well known in IT security circles, which offers fully anonymous proxy surfing and encodes your data with 256bit US Army grade encryption. The software runs either from your hard disk or even a USB stick, so you can take it with you and enjoy secure anonymous proxy software no matter where you are. There is no other product quite like Identity Cloaker available anywhere.

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