Tunnelling Proxy Server – Bypass the School or Office Firewall

I am going to teach you something today, and this is just for your information there is no need to actually try this out. You promise you will not?

OK, really I will not be held responsible for what you do with this information, if you lose your job or get expelled from school that is your fault!

Have you ever been in the office, at school or at a public computer terminal and found your access to a certain site is blocked? Perhaps you wanted to check your Facebook page, or send a couple of Tweets but the page just would not load. Chances are you were behind a restrictive proxy server or firewall which is specifically configured to block your access. You may have already read that you can use a public proxy, or online proxy, to bypass this proxy or firewall. While it is true in some cases this might work, any IT department worth its salt will have blocked this option already.
All is not lost however as there is a very neat feature in a rather unique bit of software that might just help you out here, and let you bypass the proxy server or firewall that is blocking you. Unlike online proxies and other proxy software packages Identity Cloaker does not require any installation on the computer you are using it on. You can keep the program on a USB stick, or even email it to yourself and run it from your home drive. Once running the program’s unique way of working will allow it to walk right through many Firewalls and give you a nice open connection to the Internet to do with as you please.
Now it is possible, if you have a good IT department, your activities will be seen, however it would still be impossible to see what you were actually doing as all the data is encrypted.
Identity Cloaker has a second small trick up its sleeve to help you here too; you may have noticed that programs like SkyPE often work in an office environment even though firewalls are setup. This is because SkyPE hides its traffic to make it look like standard Internet traffic. Identity Cloaker has a similar cloaking technique in that it hides its connections by using a more common port to create its tunnels through the firewall. Now because SkyPE is such a common program it is easier to find it on the network and to deal with it, very few IT departments will know about the unique power of Identity Cloaker.
I am not saying using Identity Cloaker will guarantee you Internet access from work or school, but its more than likely it will work. Take out their 10 day trial, install it to a USB stick and try.
Oh no, wait, don’t try!  You already promised you would not use this to bypass any proxies or firewalls!



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