Try Identity Cloaker for Free

Many people have asked if it’s possible to try Identity Cloaker before they buy a subscription. Well actually you have two options with either a fully functioning paid trial OR a completely free demo version.

So what’s the difference? Well the only real difference between the two is the paid trial in not restricted in any way, while the free demo version is limited to only a few sites. Right now these are:

You will see there are no high data sites there like YouTube, Hulu or BBC iPlayer. If you need access to those sites you will need some form of active subscription. Why? Well sites which use a lot of data cost a lot of money to give you access to, the more data a site sends the more it costs. To stop abuse of the Free Demo version of Identity Cloaker only selected sites can be offered. These are however some of the most popular sites in the world, and you will also notice a few of them are sites which are commonly banned in certain countries!

So if for instance you want to access Twitter or Facebook and these are banned in your school/office or even country then you may only ever need to use the free demo version of Identity cloaker. Just like the full version the demo software does not need to be installed on the computer, and it will run from a USB stick even without administration rights.

So if you want to give it a go just visit the free demo download page and follow the instructions there, and enjoy Internet Freedom no matter where you are.

BTW if you are searching the Internet for a cracked copy I assure you there is no Identity Cloaker crack available, any ‘crack’ would only work on the application itself and that is useless without access to the servers. This helps to ensure the network is never abused, as only true customers can ever use it. So don’t waste your time looking anymore, give the demo or trial a go and see what you are missing out on.