If you have looked through any of the posts on this blog you will noticed the IP hiding software Identity Cloaker by now, this is a truly unique package that does what few (if any) other single packages can do allowing truly anonymous browsing.

Identity Cloaker takes you current online ID, your IP address, and effectively changes it to appear to be a different one. This new online ID need not have any connection to your real one, Identity Cloaker can for instance make it look like you are using the Internet from Germany when in reality you are in Japan! Also you get full encryption of your data between yourself and the server, so even if somebody were to intercept the data there would be no way they could read it. The encryption used by Identity Cloaker is Rjindael AES-256, as used by the US government, so you can be assured of your data security.

Getting up and running with Identity Cloaker is pretty straight forward, the installation process from ordering to hiding your IP address takes only a few minutes. It is perhaps easier to demonstrate this with the video below, this video also highlights one of the uses of changing your location, that is the ability to watch foreign TV channels, such as the US Hulu and UK BBC iPlayer when abroad!

If the video below is not working you can watch it here instead


As you can see once installed all you need to do is select your country of choice from the list, in the picture to the right I have blurred out the IP addresses but in the real program they are visible, and click ‘connect’. If you want to use the program for something specific, for instance watching BBC iPlayer outside the UK you would select the UK. If you are not interested in the ‘geolocation’ service then I would suggest you pick the location which is nearest to you are this will generally grant you the very fastest access. So if you are at school in the UK and wanted to check out some banned pages using the schools internet you would be better off selecting a UK server. Of course I don’t condone the use of Identity Cloaker to bypass firewalls or using as a MySpace proxy!

As the program will run from a USB stick, and does not require administrator access to run, you can launch and use Identity Cloaker from many machines where you would normally be blocked.

Identity Cloaker is beautiful in its simplicity of use and yet it is more powerful, and more competitively priced, than just about any other package available.

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