Back in the early days of the Internet, which of course in the grand scheme of things was very recent, you can be sure that your personal online security was not something that was even remotely considered. As such we are now in the situation where it is incredibly easy to steal information from people online, in fact half the time people are just giving it away for free!
Every computer on the Internet is given its own unique number, its IP address, which allows it to be located amongst the millions of connected devices. What does this IP address reveal about you? How is it used?
Different sites will use your IP address in different ways; it can be used to ensure you see information relevant to your location, or for restricting your access to certain sites, such as gambling sites from US customers or the BBC iPlayer service from those outside the UK. Such activities, though often annoying, are not actually going to harm you. Your IP address can however be used for much more sinister activities.
Finding out simple things like what browser and applications you are using or what operating system you have installed can be done by anybody. Those in the know though will be able to do much more, they will be able to locate your country, city, street even exact house number.
However most criminals are not that interested in your physical location, not when they can do so much more remotely! Through knowing your IP address they can directly connect to your computer, harness any one of thousands of backdoors and security loopholes with the applications you have installed and steal information directly from you. Things like your bank logins, credit card details even simple things like your Facebook logins can be used by criminals for any purpose they see fit.
So while traditionally people have been happy to install ‘anti-virus’ packages it is only recently that they have considered installing software to hide their identity online. Those who use the Internet for any form of banking or sensitive applications would be foolish not to invest in such a service. Packages like Identity Cloaker are the best you can get for protecting your IP address online, as not only do they hide you IP but they encrypt your data too.
You lock your windows, you lock your front door, so don’t leave your computer open.



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  1. so important data!!! thank you pal.
    protecting our ip is the biggest task when we are surfing , just like that.
    think about it , we can lose our credit card details , and put ourselves in trouble.
    so from now on we have to use a software to hide our identity online.

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