Today's economy is officially sending thousands, possibly even millions, of potential workers to the internet to find a work-at-home job. These job seekers include people recently laid off, people searching for a supplemental income, stay-at-home mothers and fathers who are wanting to contribute to the household.

Uncle Scam Needs YOUR MoneyIt is a perfect breeding ground for scams, it would seem. You can't expect ScamBusters or the myriad of other scam registry sites to pick up and get everything, though. There is always a chance that this scam is new and not been recorded yet.

Among my favorite tell-tale signs, however, include those sites that promise you that you can make a thousand dollars in overnight. Actually, I search the internet and look through them just to compare and contrast in the creativity. I am especially fond of the folks who copy-paste the image of the e-check for $2,652.30 and grab stock images probably found on Google, and then copy-paste “reviews,” often starting with the priceless “I'm not usually one to leave a review, but Product X is the greatest thing to ever happen to me!”.

Now, there are several places that these are legitimate (aside from the apparently stock image of the e-check for $2,652.30) and are just trying to pull people in with atypical results, though odds are they are not as autopilot as they want you to believe. Now, I don't know how to break this to you all, but…THIS IS A SCAM IN ITSELF! We call it “false advertising.” To my knowledge, the only person who makes that kind of money is the creator of the system.

Google Money Tree - One of Many ScamsIf this comes off cynical, this is because I am a member of several email newsletters that have been circulating from the leaders of the Google Money System circuit. Unfortunately, no names will be given, but I assure you that you've run into them once or twice. The best way I can think of to keep yourself from scams would be to avoid the any of the Money System, Google Cash, Money Tree etc, no matter how hilarious the emails they come with are.

I can guarantee you that a vast majority of them are scams and are not worth your money. You may be able to make the cover charge back in…oh, two years, maybe? If the package arrives at all?

Also, have you ever noticed that the pages that you are putting personal information into are not https? Think about that for a minute. That's right, you're not on a secure site. Anyone can find your information. To avoid scams, I would suggest joining a group such as Work At Home Moms. They always keep a sharp eye out for scams and will make sure that their group will not get associated with such a debacle. The customer service there is also top notch. If you have any questions, they will be sure to have them answered shortly. Job searchers, get your resumes ready to post!

You don't need someone to distract you with instant results and bright colors to get your income!

Honest work is the best policy!

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