While using Identity Cloaker is great for protecting your computer it is not so useful for hiding individual programs, for instance you may want to do research through Google but you find after so many searches you are getting blocked. This is because sites such as Google don't really want automated systems reading through their entire database, so if you do a lot of searches quickly Google decides you are not human and tries to put a stop to your activities.

If you use online marketing tools like Scrapebox, free Traffic Travis or SEnuke X you will soon find your online activities are being restricted by your one and only IP address being detected.

It is, of course, possible to harvest free proxies, in fact many of the above tools come with their own free proxies. However the time taken to keep these lists up to date, and the level of success you will have with them (remember the whole world has access to them) make free proxies pretty useless.

You would be well advised to consider using 10 or more private proxies, and picking ones that specifically allow the activities of scrapebox, Traffic Travis and SEnuke X. Many proxy companies do not allow you to use any of these tools with their services, however one well known company does. Squid Private Proxies was setup specifically by Internet Marketers to solve the problem of where to get reliable, fast private proxies for use with marketing tools.

Reliable Private Proxies for SEnuke and Scrapebox

You will always receive non-sequential IPs, from different subnets and from multiple datacenters around the USA and overseas. Not only that but each month you can request new IPs, so month to month you need never use the same IPs again. Prices for private proxies start at 75 cents each, though a more typical package of 25 proxies (more than enough for the average marketer) still comes in at under $50 per month.


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    When you order the proxies you get a 25% discount off the price every month.

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